What our clients are saying...

"We are thrilled to be working with Phillinnova!"

"Julianna has done an amazing job helping us create a strategy for our fundraising efforts. In addition to strategy, Julianna is helping us define the processes we need to put into place to be successful. We are thrilled to be working with Phillinnova!"

~ Wendy Merchant, Girls in STEM

"Julianna has a unique perspective on running an organization."

"As the Executive Director of a new non-profit, I cannot recommend Phillinnova highly enough. Julianna’s knowledge and her ability to turn that knowledge into tangible actions has been invaluable. Having worked in non-profits, and led non-profits, Julianna offers a unique perspective on running an organization and has helped us to focus on building a solid foundation. We are inspired and the team feels much better starting this endeavor with Phillinnova in our corner."

~ Geoff Davis, Period Kits

"Last year we doubled our revenue and this year we are on track to triple."

"I am the Co founder and ED of Happiness Through Horses. We started working with Julianna about two years ago. The results have been life changing for our organization. Last year we doubled our revenue and this year we are on track to triple. Julianna has helped us put systems and procedures in place that drive fundraising results. These are systems that can be easily utilized and updated year after year. She is also experienced with what it takes to have successful events that bring value and honor to our supporters. Hiring Julianna was one of the best decisions we could have made for our organization!"

~ Kim Swaney, Happiness Through Horses

"Phillinnova has been key in our development as a nonprofit."

"Phillinnova has been key in our development as a small non profit. Julianna has spent countless hours above and beyond what is required per our contract to walk us through our fundraising strategy, key messaging and next steps. She has mapped out our strategy in a realistic and thoughtful manner which is doable for a small staff to implement. She is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in strategic philanthropy, donor management, fundraising strategy and much much more. I highly recommend Phillinnova to any size non profit looking to diversify their funding strategy."

~ Danielle Givens, Marshall Direct Fund

About Us

Hello! My name is Julianna Nelson. I am a mother, author, speaker, and dedicated fundraising strategist for social impact organizations wanting to create GREATER impact in the world. I am passionate about empowering and supporting individuals and organizations to become catalysts for change in their own lives and in their communities. I believe that EVERYONE is the leader and creator of their own life, and despite the many challenges we all face, we have the ability to rise out of challenge, beyond surviving and into THRIVING - living extraordinary lives!
I founded Phillinnova, a nonprofit consulting company to help social impact leaders create a clear, cohesive and collaborative fundraising strategy that delivers maximum social impact.  I created the Fundraising Formula to help organizations build systems that more effectively attract and retain donors, building genuine relationships that result in life-long advocacy and financial support. I am committed to supporting the DYNAMIC nonprofit sector that not only serves the community but is a critical contributor to the economy as a whole. My vision is a world where individuals, social impact organizations and businesses are working together to build vibrant, thriving communities. I look forward to connecting with you soon! 

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