Corporate Connections: The Power of a Warm Introduction

You’ve done your homework and have identified some potential corporate partners that align with your organizational values, share a passion for your mission and have a product or service that is marketable to your stakeholders. Now what? How do you connect with these potential partners in a genuine way?

A warm introduction to a contact in the company can be much more effective than a cold call. The goal is to develop long-term, win/win affiliations. How do you begin? By getting curious and engaging in honest, organic conversations about creating mutually beneficial partnerships. Both organizations must know, like and trust the other to create long-lasting investment.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for opening doors to building relationships with corporate partners. A quick search of the company and its employees allows you to see connections you might have. Encourage your board members to search their networks as well. This is a wonderful way to engage them in the development process. Don’t worry if the employee at your potential partner company isn’t the decision-maker when it comes to community outreach. They can ultimately connect you to the person who is. Remember – there is no ask here, you are simply exploring the opportunity for partnership.

Once you have identified a connection, reach out via email or LinkedIn messenger to ask for an introduction. Make sure to include some context in your request. Let your contact know that you will not be asking for financial support, but that you are interested in developing more partnerships with organizations that share a passion for the impact that you are creating in the community.

Now that you are connected, get curious and let the magic happen! When you approach corporate partnerships as long-term, mutually beneficial opportunities, there are no limits to the potential collaboration.

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