Soulful Development Strategy: Fundraising vs. Development

Although fundraising and development go hand-in-hand, they are not one and the same. Each supports the other in building sustainable revenue for nonprofit and social impact organizations. 

How are they different? When talking about funding nonprofits, we primarily use the word fundraising. But most of work falls in the development category.  Here is an easy way to discern the difference:

fundraising = transactional

development = relational

Fundraising describes an activity that is transactional in nature. The focus is on immediate solicitation - The ‘ask’ or as I like to say, The Invitation.

Development on the other hand, is the building and nurturing of life-long relationships between the donor and the organization that results in revenue through donations AND advocacy in the community on your organization’s behalf. These relationships are cultivated and nurtured based on education, curiosity and attentive stewardship AND include solicitation - but on...

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Self-Care for Stress-Free Fundraising

When you chose to become a leader in the nonprofit sector, you chose to take a stand. You made the decision to courageously fight for a cause that you are passionate about and work for the greater good. This time of year, you are working tirelessly to bring in as much revenue as possible in order to create as much social impact as possible. 
Phillinnova's Soulful Development Strategy not only refers to a strategic plan for raising more funds, but also to your personal development as the leader of your organization. 
As we mentioned in our last article Giving for the Greater Good, 31% of annual donations are made in December. This translates into a VERY busy month for you and your staff. Factoring in self-care positively impacts your organization's bottom line. 
How are you keeping your cup full so that you can truly serve others? Are you practicing the self-care that is critical to creating an environment of success for your team? 
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The Power of the Pocketbook - Giving for the Greater Good

Tis the season of giving…and spending!  You, my friend, can create change through your gift giving. You have tremendous power in your pocketbook.  By choosing products and services from social enterprises or businesses that support nonprofits you are choosing to help change the world - one gift at a time! By aligning with social impact businesses, you encourage other businesses to consider their social responsibility. You truly can drive change by who you choose to purchase from. 

Did you know...

  • Nearly 9 in 10 Americans (89%) would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price and quality
  • A majority (79%) of consumers continue to seek out products that are socially or environmentally responsible.

This is a band-wagon you want to jump on! 

I’ve put together a few examples of organizations that I support and who are supporting our vibrant nonprofit industry. Consider EXPANDING your gift giving this year and...

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