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Revolutionary Philanthropy: Virtual Roundtable

Thursday, September 17th
9:30 am to 11:00 am

It's time to transform philanthropy. Revolutionary Philanthropy creates dynamic partnerships that result in innovative solutions. 
This monthly roundtable will offer topics that challenge social impact leaders to examine systems and process that lead to inefficient and inequitable organizations. 
August's topic: Developing Critical Consciousness of White Saviorism

Author Teju Cole coined the term White Savior Industrial Complex (WSIC) in 2012. It has been defined as "the confluence of practices, processes, and institutions that reify historical inequities to ultimately validate white privilege”. Basically, white people are rewarded from “saving” those less fortunate and are able to completely disregard the policies they have supported that have created/maintained systems of oppression. "The white savior supports brutal policies in the morning, founds charities in the afternoon, and receives awards in the evening." Teju Cole 
We will begin to unpack how we can identify and change behaviors that support systemic racism in our organizations. 
Join us for connection, collaboration and growth. 

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