The Fundraising Formula

Gone are the days of scarcity, confusion, isolation and burden when it comes to development and fundraising. PHILLINNOVA's Soulful Development Strategy will help you to create a culture of CLARITY, COHESION, EXCITEMENT & PROSPERITY resulting in more money raised and more impact in the world!

The Fundraising Formula

Development Strategy with Soul

A development strategy that is ‘soulful’ - focused on building strong, authentic, collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships around a shared passion for your mission - will result in life-long support and advocacy from your partners.

Your partners are your staff, your volunteers, your Board of Directors, your corporate partners, your donors and last but not least, those that you serve. You see, you are not simply building a database of people that give you money.  You are creating a network of collaborators. A team of individuals and organizations that share your PASSION for the impact and change you bring to the world.

We will embarking on an expedition of discovery and creation. You will get curious, explore, and uncover possibility in all phases of the development cycle: prospecting, cultivation, invitation and stewardship. You will connect, share, build and engage with your partners.

Our promise is that at the completion of this journey, you will possess clarity,  excitement and the formula to lead your team to fundraising success!


Creating an organizational culture of possibility, excitement, cohesion and clarity ensures that process of fundraising and development is easy, efficient and enjoyable! Shifting the organizational mindset from scarcity to prosperity energizes the team, magnetizes donors and generates maximum social impact! 


Connecting with ALL 'partners' in your organization - in a way that is meaningful for THEM - ensures enthusiasm, investment and authentic participation in the development and fundraising process. Cohesion of your team is crucial to work that serves the greater good of your organization and those you serve!


Collaborative relationships between staff, board members, volunteers, clients, donors and corporate partners result in increased success with fundraising goals and ensures a sustainable development strategy that not only raises more money, but creates maximum social impact in the community.

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Funding nonprofits is our passion, because we know a well funded organization creates maximum social impact!


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