The Impact Assessment

The Impact Assessment. Your organization is a powerful voice for change.  Your passion, dedication & vision create a ripple of impact throughout the world. You advocate for those who need support and provide new opportunity for collaboration. 

‚ÄčYou deserve to enjoy the process. The Impact Assessment shows you how. 



Stakeholder Strategy Sessions

An organization is the sum of its parts - staff, members of the board, volunteers, donors and those that you serve.  The impact of your organization is greatest when all stakeholders are invested in the success of your fundraising strategy.

A Stakeholder Strategy Session engages all stakeholders in the creation of an organizational culture that builds a foundation for collaborative &  sustainable fundraising and development. 

From $1875

October is International Strategic Planning Month! Book a session between now and October 31st and receive 20% off your one or two-day session! 


Group Coaching

The Nonprofit Leader Cohort program offers an opportunity to learn, grow, share and connect with your peers. This group coaching model allows for peer-to-peer mentorship as well as 1:1 coaching. 

Each cohort meets once a month for three hours. Groups are limited to 6 participants to ensure maximum engagement for all members. 




1:1 Coaching

Through 1:1 coaching, you have the opportunity to strengthen specific areas of opportunity for your organization identified in the Impact Assessment that will increase efficiency and impact, such as: 

Abundant Mindset - Possibility/Vision

Board Expansion and Development

Strategic Planning

External Relationships - Stewardship

Cultivating Corporate Partnerships

Diversified Fundraising Strategy

From $850/month


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