A Soulful Strategy = Greater Social Impact

Through a strategic process PHILLINNOVA empowers your organization to create a cohesive culture, connection and collaboration - the formula for maximum impact and contribution.

Stakeholder Strategy Session

An organization is the sum of its parts - staff, members of the board, volunteers, donors and those that you serve.  The success of your organization is greatest when all stakeholders share a passion for and commitment to your mission, vision and development strategy. Stakeholder Strategy Sessions engage all stakeholders in the creation of an organizational culture that builds a foundation for sustainable fundraising and development. 

Founders Forum

The Founders Forum was created as an opportunity for nonprofit leaders to come together, remove their protective armor, and engage in a peer-to-peer mentoring mastermind. Often founders and executive directors wear many hats in their organization. The Founders Forum provides a safe space to share best practices, learn from challenges, and support  other daring nonprofit leaders.  Forums are virtual and are held once a month to create a platform for peers to hold each other capable and to assist one another in their individual growth and the expansion and capacity building of their organizations. 

1:1 Monthly Coaching

Through 1:1 coaching, nonprofit leaders have the opportunity to strengthen specific areas of their organizations that will increase efficiency and impact, such as: 

Abundant Mindset - Possibility/vision

Board Development

Corporate Partnerships

Diversified Fundraising Strategy



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