Revolutionary Philanthropy Strategy + Implementation

Long-term collaboration that builds strategy and ensures the right people are in the right roles to create the best outcomes for those that you serve. 

We are committed to helping nonprofit organizations build stronger, more efficient teams that work together to create a more equitable world.

Using the principles of Revolutionary Philanthropy we work with our clients to create outcome-focused strategies based on genuine connection and collaboration with ALL stakeholders - staff, board members, volunteers, donors, corporate and community partners and the individuals being served.

The internal impact of this work for your organization is improved communication, increased focus & productivity, happier stakeholders, and increased retention of staff, volunteers, board members and donors. This means more revenue in, a lower cost of fundraising, and more money to create the impact of your mission.

When all stakeholders share a passion for the mission and are inspired by a clear vision of change, the result is a healthier organization, maximum impact and a more equitable world.

From $1,300/month
3 month minimum 

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