Stakeholder Strategy Sessions

Stakeholder Strategy Sessions

When the stakeholders - staff, volunteers, board members, donors & those that you serve - are excited and engaged in your fundraising and development activities, your results are magnified.  

Stakeholder Strategy Sessions provide an opportunity to connect to all of the people invested in the success of your organization. It is a tool to create a culture of connection, collaboration and excitement for your development strategy.  It can be used to educate, brainstorm, share best practices and build better communications. 

The Agenda and objective of each Stakeholder Strategy Session is unique and created to meet your organization's objectives. 

What you get:

Facilitation of a one or two-day strategy session on topics such as: 

  • Board Engagement
  • Stewardship Systems
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Fundraising Events
  • Key Messaging

Clarity about where to go next. 

A set of powerful action steps to get you there. 







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