The Impact Assessment

Identify the opportunities for maximum impact! 

High-performing organizations know exactly where they are and where they are going. 

A thorough, holistic examination of programmatic, financial, and fundraising data will help identify existing trends and opportunities in all areas of the organization and will include feedback from all stakeholders.


What we review: 

  • Mission and vision - is it clear, concise, with measurable outcomes
  • Financials - budget, revenue streams
  • The cultural environment - the collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the actions of all stakeholders
  • Organizational goals & objectives
  • Donor management and stewardship
  • Corporate Partnerships - long-term, mutually beneficial
  • Targeted outputs - The volume of a program’s actions, such as number of people served, and activities and services carried out
  • Targeted outcomes
  • Key indicators for managing performance and assessing success
  • Organizational capacities - money, time, staff, expertise, methods, and facilities
  • The degree of alignment among its constituent parts (e.g., multiple programs, multiple sites)
  • Retention - staff, volunteers, board members, donors
  • Data gathering and use at all levels of the organization to manage performance
  • Systematic efforts to learn from performance and understand whether the organization’s efforts are achieving outcomes as intended.

Key Indicators - What are we looking for?
The degree to which the organization is: 

  • Outcome-Focused Structure
  • High Stakeholder Engagement & Retention
  • Sustainable Funding Through Diversified Revenue Streams

The Process: 

  • At least two (2) 60-minute virtual meetings
  • Surveys of staff, board members, volunteers, donors, community partners and beneficiaries
  • Review of financials, donor reports, programmatic data, etc.


Work completed in 30 - 45 days from start date.


  • Detailed Impact Summary
  • Suggested Action Items



The Impact Assessment



Questions about The Impact Assessment?

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