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Building optimal teams and maximum impact. 

Commitment to Equity and Impact

At Phillinnova, we are committed to helping organizations build more cohesive and efficient teams that create the best outcomes for those they serve. Using the principles of Revolutionary Philanthropy we work with our clients to create outcome-focused strategies based on genuine connection and collaboration with ALL stakeholders - staff, board members, volunteers, donors, corporate and community partners and the individuals being served. The result is a more vibrant, thriving and equtiable world.

Optimal outcomes for your team and those you serve. 


The Blueprint for Growth is a four-phase strategy for organizations ready to: 

  • Increase organizational efficiency
  • Raise donor retention rates
  • Build sustainable funding 
  • Create maximum impact

From idea to Impact! 

The Nonprofit Incubator is ideal for start-up and young organizations looking to build a strong foundation of success. You will learn the fundamentals of building an impactful nonprofit business such as:

  • Board Development
  • Fundraising
  • Programs & Evaluation 

Nonprofit Incubator Cohort - Registration Now Open! 


If you are a start-up nonprofit or an established organization less than a year old, the Incubator is for you! This 8-week program will walk you through the ins and outs of building the foundation for the most efficient team, sustainable funding, and optimal impact for the community. Click below for program details! 

The Five Principles of REVOLUTIONARY Philanthropy

Principle #1: Equity - True collaboration and shared power between the organization and the individuals and communities benefiting from its services. 

Principle #2: Collaboration - ALL stakeholder voices are reflected in the programs, services, and messaging of the organization.

Principle #3: Activism - Nonprofit leaders consistently examine the organizational structure, systems, and processes to ensure that they are working to dismantle the systems of oppression and injustice while also building new equitable policies. 

Principle #4: Innovation - The organizational culture encourages curiosity and creativity when approaching challenges and opportunities.

Principle #5: Impact - All activities are outcome-focused and driven by a shared vision of how to create the best and most equitable results for those being served.

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