Contribution and Social Media

I participated in an Instagram Masterclass today to better understand how to use the platform for marketing. KellyAnne Zielinski, Founder of Self Leadership Global shared her perspective of social media marketing that absolutely shifted my mindset on digital marketing. Here's what she said..."Our social media platforms are our little corner of the internet where we get to make a difference."

This SO resonated with me. My sales philosophy is, and has always been, contribution first and I'd much prefer to connect with people in person. But digital platforms allow me to connect with more people in more places! Rather than focusing on the "sales" aspect of social media, I choose to use these digital platforms to share information, connect people and build relationships with others that share my passion for social impact and the greater good. I have found that a contribution first model results in the connections that lead to contracted work.

This social media strategy is also successful for nonprofit businesses using their corner of the internet to connect with current and prospective donors. As I shared in Fundraising vs. Development a good development strategy is one that is long-term and donor-centered. By focusing social media messaging on contribution and social impact - rather than a solicitation - potential donors have the information needed to really get to know the organization. As in any business relationship, before financial transactions are made, donors must know, like and trust the nonprofit and believe that their gift will be used to create the impact they desire.

I loved today's reminder to embrace social media as a vehicle for increased contribution, reaching more people who share my desire to create vibrant, thriving communities. How are you using your "corner of the internet" to make a difference?

If you would like to learn more about how to use social media to connect with your donors or fundraising & development strategy in general, please send me a message at julianna@phillinnova.com. I would love to connect!