Revolutionary Philanthropy

What is revolutionary philanthropy?

You will notice a change with Philinnova. For the last few years, I've shared tips, tools, and strategies to better connect with your stakeholders through everyday philanthropy.

I've been inspired during this time of radical change - environmental and political - to shift the focus from everyday to revolutionary philanthropy. I believe it is time to build a new, innovative model of philanthropy and service. One that is built on true collaboration and shared power with the individuals and communities that we serve.

Revolutionary Philanthropy examines the organizational structure, systems, and processes to ensure that they are working to dismantle the systems of injustice, rather than unconsciously supporting them.

Revolutionary Philanthropy ensures that ALL stakeholder voices are reflected in the programs, services, and messaging of the organization.

Revolutionary Philanthropy is incorporating curiosity, creativity, and innovation into strategies for building better relationships with all stakeholders.

Revolutionary Philanthropy is outcome-focused and driven by a shared vision of how to create the best and most equitable results for those being served.

Going forward I will be sharing ideas, resources, and opportunities to redefine philanthropy and transform it into a powerful tool for social justice.

Will you join me on this journey? If you would like to chat more about the possibility of Revolutionary Philanthropy through your organization, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Check out our EVENTS PAGE for a few opportunities to connect with your peers and explore.

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Be well, my friends! Hope to see you soon!

~ Julianna

Julianna Nelson

Founder | CEO | Revolutionary Philanthropist



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