Self-Care for Stress-Free Fundraising

When you chose to become a leader in the nonprofit sector, you chose to take a stand. You made the decision to courageously fight for a cause that you are passionate about and work for the greater good. This time of year, you are working tirelessly to bring in as much revenue as possible in order to create as much social impact as possible.

Phillinnova's Soulful Development Strategy not only refers to a strategic plan for raising more funds, but also to your personal development as the leader of your organization.

As we mentioned in our last article Giving for the Greater Good, 31% of annual donations are made in December. This translates into a VERY busy month for you and your staff. Factoring in self-care positively impacts your organization's bottom line.

How are you keeping your cup full so that you can truly serve others? Are you practicing the self-care that is critical to creating an environment of success for your team?

Here are a few tips to help you stay merry and bright this holiday season:

CELEBRATE! There are financial goals to meet as we wind down 2018. Take a moment to celebrate the small successes with your team. Be present to all of the incredible work being done to serve your community. Reflect on the new achievements you've accomplished this year. Get joyful about how far you've come!!

CONNECT! Re-connect with those that you serve. Take a moment to pause and engage in the change that you are making. Your passion drove you to this work. Remind yourself how important this work is by personally connecting to the community you serve. Connecting comes with all the feels!

COLLABORATE! How can you support others in your organization? Where could collaboration take a project farther? Are you a solo-leader? Consider connecting with a few board members that share your passion for your work. Invite them to participate in a part of your year-end giving campaign. Pass on your passion and excitement for your work - it's contagious!

Cheers to happy, stress-free fundraising!