The Power of Collective Impact: creating change through community.

Hello friends! As many of you know, I am passionate about empowering people to take action and create the change they want to see in the world. Creating collaboration around causes that serve others lights me up. We are at a point in time, where the divisions that separate us seem to be amplified. The focus seems to be on our differences instead of what unites us. I'd like to empower you all to change that.

I invite you to intentionally choose another perspective. A perspective of connection, building community and collaboration around equity and the service of others.

Never was there a better time to get really clear about what matters to you, and find others that share that same passion. Here are three ways to explore collaboration and collective impact:

  1. Choose to surround yourself with people who care about creating the change you wish to see. On an individual level, this is about being really intentional about the organizations that you give your time and money to. You get to choose the community organizations that you support and who you want to do business with. Seek out existing communities - whether social or professional - that are coming together around a shared vision of equity for all. As leaders of businesses and organizations, we can connect with those that share our vision and values and explore how to strengthen the community through collaboration.
  2. Get curious. If you are a nonprofit leader - consider how you can better connect with your stakeholders. Are you giving your board members, volunteers, and donors an opportunity to use their voice and be heard? Donors and volunteers - do you have an idea about how to better engage with the organizations you support? Speak up, we want to hear from you. Your voice matters!
  3. Approach change with an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset. I often hear from my clients that activities are continues because "that is the way we've always done it" and often there is a fear of change. An entrepreneurial mindset can aid the development of confidence and mean that one is more inclined to take on opportunities as well as not being afraid to take risks. It means evaluating what is working and what isn't, and adapting to changing donor demographics and preferences. Get creative! Do what's never been done before! Take your stakeholders with you and create the magic that results in vibrant, thriving communities.

Explore my friends! When we as a community of individuals come together with intention, innovative thinking, and passion, movements are created. Real change is the result. Take a stand for what you care about. Use your voice for those who cannot be heard. Serve others. Become a change-maker. There is no time like the present.

Below you will find several events that embrace this sense of community and collective impact. The Cause Collective Mastermind is a roundtable for nonprofit leaders, The Blender is a place where entrepreneurs and social impact leaders come together to explore and share, and Intro to Entrepreneurial Activism is an opportunity for impact-driven leaders to learn how to use their passion to simultaneously create real change and make a profit.

Thank you for being a part of the Phillinnova community! I hope to see you soon.