What Makes a Corporate Partnership Win/Win?

The most effective corporate partnerships - which in the context of fundraising means the most lucrative - are those that are mutually beneficial. Both the not-for-profit and for-profit businesses are invested in the success of the other.

Are you truly invested in the success of your corporate partners?

There are SO many benefits for both organizations when a true partnership is forged.

Here are just a few...

For-Profit Benefits:

  1. Increased sales
  2. Increased employee engagement
  3. Decreased employee turnover
  4. Increased Visibility
  5. Recognition for the good they do in the world

Not-for-Profit Benefits:

  1. Increased funding
  2. Expanded donor base
  3. Professional development for employees
  4. Increased visibility
  5. New volunteers and/or board members

How are you helping your corporate partners achieve these benefits?

A few ideas...

  • Get your partners in front of your donors! If you've selected your partners intentionally, based on the alignment of values, you can confidently market their products and services to your donors.
  • Connect with your corporate partners on social media and create a dialogue.
  • Ensure your partners have a strong presence on your website.
  • Feature a Philanthropic Profile on your corporate partners in your newsletter.
  • Create volunteer opportunities for corporate partners to participate in either as a team or through skilled-based volunteering.
  • Offer product placement opportunities at fundraising events.

As you engage with your corporate partners over time, make a point to ask how you can support them. Together you have the opportunity to build creative, innovative, win/win opportunities!